Why do you say ''honeymoon''?

Why do you say ''honeymoon''?

Why do you say ''honeymoon''?

Why do you say honeymoon?

After the celebration of the religious ceremony and the party with friends and relatives, the newlyweds are ready to leave for their honeymoon, also known as   " Honeymoon" , a curious term that has ancient origins . From the traditions of ancient Rome to the Middle Ages, from the Germanic cultures to the present day, we discover together because it is called 'honeymoon'.

Apparently   the moon and honey do not seem to have this way   many points in common   with marriage   and with the honeymoon. Yet different peoples, in different times, speak of this fateful "Moon of m iele " .

The origin of the name refers to the first month of marriage ("moon") and to the drink mainly used to celebrate a marriage, mead (an alcoholic drink based on honey obtained by fermentation). In the ancient tradition of the North (Norse culture) it was customary, after having officially celebrated marriage, that the spouses spent the first month alone, consuming mead every day.

Some texts consider the "honey" a reference to the sweetness of the first period after marriage, underlining the fact that the expression suggests that only the first "moon" will be "honey", that initial happiness is however destined to decrease soon.

Another origin of the expression seems to be linked to the Middle Ages: it was tradition that the family of the bride-to-be gave a future honey jar as a gift, considered expensive and a symbol of wealth.

Nowadays we hear more and more pronouncing the word "honeymoon" and less and less "honeymoon". Today we talk about this period to describe holidays and exotic destinations , and we lost sight of the true meaning of the term. We should instead go back to the origins of some expressions because these are what tell us who we are and where we come from. The honeymoon is a period that the spouses should live more intimately without getting lost in useless distractions that, albeit pleasant, move the mind and heart away from the mutual commitment.

Did you know these traditions? What is the honeymoon for you?

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