Which dates to choose to get married in 2018?

Which dates to choose to get married in 2018?

Which dates to choose to get married in 2018?

What dates do you choose to marry in 2018?

Here is a small list of useful tips when choosing your wedding date .

After the marriage proposal you will surely have started d imagine a perfect day to better enjoy this great day. Surely this article is written a bit late in comparison to the year in question, as we are already in the last month of 2017 and imagine that there is a need for much more time to organize the most importantevent of life. 
As we said, the first step to starting a matrimonial adventure is to choose a congenial date, taking into account the season, the weather (albeit often unpredictable) and the festivities that will be coming next solar year. 
For this reason we list some small indications for your choice :

  1. Season : winter or summer? 
    Surely this is the first doubt that afflicts all couples because both choices have merits and defects. 
    If you had to wait for a summer wedding you would definitely encounter the greatest benefit , as the temperature will be quite pleasant, you will have more chance to take advantage of the evening hours with sunlight and you will be able to afford more cluttered clothes (for the bride) or lighter fabrics (for the groom). This choice would also include the possibility of an evening wedding. 
    Those who prefer marriage in winter will avoid many dilemmas on using the outside of the facility. This would surely entail a tremendous saving in the organization and the costs required by the location . Given that u n larger budget at the end of the holiday would allow spouses to make different choices on the wedding trip or future matrimonial life. 
  2. Morning or evening 
    Bringing in the morning will surely allow the couple to live full day. Additionally, this would allow the choice of a more distant location or the shooting of off- site shooting . However, it is obligatory for those who decide to marry in the winter season as, as mentioned before, the few hours of light should be fully exploited. 
    Those who decide to marry in the evening instead prefer a more delicate atmosphere , with soft lights, colorful games with fire artists, and launching lanterns in the starry sky. For the guests this could be a welcome choice as they would wear the most elegant dress of the closet. As with the winter wedding, this choice can also lead to a discount of the location. 
  3. Popular Beliefs 
    After having overcome these important choices, one must face the downfall of popular beliefs as it is enormously rooted in the beautiful country. 
    That is why for each day of the week and for each month there is a matching phrase with which to confront. Let's start from the days: 
    Monday: Day of Lun , who carries good health; m puttad: wealth (despite many follow the saying: Of Venus and of Mars neither is he married nor   it starts ); Wednesday: good day; g iovedì: to avoid because it is believed th at ports sorrows to the bride; v enerdì: to be discarded as for the Christian religion it is a day of penance; s abbot: it is the worst day of the week to celebrate weddings; 
    Regarding the months instead: 
    January: month of affection, fidelity and kindness; February: the month of love; m arzo: month that could cause pain to the couple (and uncertain time); April: month of serenity; May: Month that many couples prefer, but is associated with the saying: "Spo sa maggiolina soon widow". It is the month dedicated to Our Lady and is called out to be marrying; g une: linked to Juno, goddess of marriage; The carbon : a lot of effort in earning; to gosto: ca ldo extravagant and summer holidays; s and ttembre: wealth and happiness; October: Carrier of love; November: happy marriage; d icembre: eternal marriage. 
    Another small belief is about getting married on a bride 's birthday: for many it's unfortunate, except for bridal friends who share the birthday. 
  4. Events 
    This is a non-existent problem until now, until November 13, all brides were anxious for the upcoming World Cup in Russia, now with the unthinkable débâcle of Mister Ventura's men, they will be able to breathe a sigh of relief and avoid the brutal scene of invitees who run to the first free TV. 
  5. Festivities and bridges 
    Choosing to marry during bridges and holidays is very much used by the bride and groom as it facilitates the participation of the guests in the ceremony . For the next year, you will only be able to take advantage of the bridge on 1 May (falls on Tuesday). On April 25, however, will be a Wednesday, it might be a good idea to celebrate the pre- or post-festival. It will be Saturday instead, both on June 2 and December 8, even in this case celebrating the day before could be very useful. Getting married during Christmas is always a special charm. Do you want the air of the upcoming holidays, or if you want to get closer to the new year with loads of dreams and good intentions, to marry Christmas, you have no idea why. But we also do not underestimate the inflow of flights against logistical aspects, such as reaching the location in the snow. 


And did you choose the date for your wedding?


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