Which beard chosen according to face shape

Which beard chosen according to face shape

Which beard chosen according to face shape

Which beard chosen according to face shape

Usually bring a beard? Or you want to make it grow just for the wedding? And good to know what kind of beard is more suitable for you and how to enhance it. Follow our advice!

There are different types of beard, suit any face shape and personality to all. Discover how to choose a beard for you depending on the type of face. Let's see.

The square face
The role of the beard will be to sweeten your traits. We therefore recommend a beard of a few centimeters. It will trace the contours of the mouth and continue to the chin. Long beard, the one preferred by hipsters, must be well defined and treated. Aggiustatela regularly, wash with a suitable soap and idratatela to keep it in excellent condition already several months before the wedding.

The long face
The three-day beard is the one that best suits you. Lightweight and discreet, it is very sexy and bohemian air will give you if you wear a dress or retro, wearing an elegant dress, will give you the look of a bad boy.

Round face
Beard around his neck is the one that's right for you, because it will lengthen the face. Well defined its contours and take it short. It will give you a very neat appearance.
Whichever you choose, we still suggest going first to the barber. He'll give you the invaluable advice of a professional, either on the most suitable type of beard you, on how you treat it. Do it several months before the wedding, so you will have to try different cuts and find out what you prefer. And on your wedding day you will be impeccable.

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