The groom dress suit different ceremonies

The groom dress suit different ceremonies

The groom dress suit different ceremonies

If once the problem of dress choice was mainly about the bride, struggling with countless patterns and fabrics, even now the future husbands have to face the embarrassment of being in front of a growing number of options regarding their dress. The context can provide some tips that you should consider.

A formal wedding, whether in the Church or to the City, the classic suit and tight are always the preferred option. The civil ceremony certainly offers some more possibilities in terms of departure from protocol, so the groom can deviate slightly from the dark tones and choose a charcoal gray.

If you take into account the temperature is good practice at any time of the year, for a beach wedding almost becomes an obligation. The fabrics are to be preferred as linen and light wool. Colors become clear, and groom can even show off a white suit!

A wedding outdoors, especially in the countryside, it draws shabby chic aesthetic, which provides for the groom a suit in shades of beige, gray and in general all those colors that recall the contact with nature. A classic dress could be a risky choice, but welcomed if tempered with the use of original accessories, like a boutonniere made of leaves.

Other contexts, especially if informal, provide for the use of broken clothes, with square inserts. Ben is also the damask in a ceremony a little 'dandy, to celebrate an ancient estate or a family property.


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