The 5 worst stories of a Groomzilla ever read

The 5 worst stories of a Groomzilla ever read

The 5 worst stories of a Groomzilla ever read

The 5 worst stories of a Groomzilla ever read

It happens sometimes that the bride, in fury for the organization of the marriage, tends to incapprising, creating a very familiar time in the net: the Sposazilla! In this case, however, we speak of the groom and of his "worst form". Read what these guys have combined before and during their wedding!

"Being a former wedded singer, I attended many receptions. Surely the most "extravagant" moment was when the groom intercepted me at the reception and when I returned to the room I followed, touched my arm and asked to dance together. It was really embarrassing. "- Mary

"The groom, abandoned a week before marriage by his aspiring bride, instead of trying to resolve the problem, sent his mother to scold all suppliers, encounting unhappy excuses to avoid paying. In addition, it was all planned and decided one year in advance "- Carlo, shopkeeper

"I was a guest at a wedding a few years ago when the ceremony and reception were held in two different locations. The paradoxical situation is that the groom did not attend the reception leaving the bride alone, sitting alone at the table and obviously without any time or dancing together. 
Because? From a chat with the relatives it seems that the groom, angry for the waiting time of the reception and the lack of service, decided not to participate leaving everyone in the ace. It was an embarrassing day, to say the least. "- Stefania

"I was working on a wedding that required a large installation on a private property. It took 15 people and three days to work on a giant tent and all the interior decor. Unfortunately the day before the wedding the groom asked to dismantle and move the 15-meter structure so that he and his guests could enjoy a better view of the lawn. The team had to work all day and all night to meet this last minute wish. "- Laura, wedding planner

"The last marriage I attended had a Sposozilla at maximum power. Throughout the day she was visibly on the brink of exploding, when she heard the voice of her witness completely lost her head. Annoyed by boring jokes about the couple grabbed the microphone and improvised a long talk about how none of the people could appreciate all the time and money spent on marriage. In addition, he sent to all the people who laughed inappropriately during the last toast. A story that seems unlikely but unfortunately really happened. "Antonella

And do you have a story from a Sposozilla to tell us?

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