How to dress for a wedding: the advice for the invited

How to dress for a wedding: the advice for the invited

How to dress for a wedding: the advice for the invited

If you happen to receive a stake, surely you've wondered how must dress a guest at a wedding. The life of a man is full of moments that require it to use a specific look and is often not easy to tell the difference between formal, informal, casual, and therefore understand when to use one over the other.An invitation to a wedding is an important moment, to be addressed in a serious manner and incisive, in order to demonstrate the presence and character. How to manage themselves in this situation? Today's man is attentive to style and detail, aware that the clothing should not be overlooked. Even the guests at a wedding should carefully choose what to wear, following some simple rules. After all, it is not difficult, unlike a woman, who has more freedom in the choice, the rules provided for men's clothes, are more stringent, so the simplest.

Being invited to the wedding, it means ideologically contribute to the happiness and the love that is being celebrated, so the choice of how to dress should be smart and if you decide to be fashionable, we should limit ourselves to accessories. You must not ever forget that you are not there to draw attention to himself, but to be the frame the most important day of who you are marrying.

2-What to Wear: 
-As Far as what to wear, sometimes the wedding invitation mentions how to dress. In this reason, most of the work is already done. If it is not specified, there are a number of clues to look out to help in the most suitable gown choice.

- First consider the place where the wedding will take place: an outdoor wedding in a rural area with refreshments will be less formal than a marriage entered into the holy places by the lake with lunch at a fancy restaurant. This particular is of great importance, in fact excessive elegance for a simple wedding is decidedly out of place and vice versa.

-Second, The time of day in which they celebrate the wedding, it is important. For example, the use of tight after six pm is considered a serious style error, even though it is often ignored.

-thirdly, One must examine the paper invitation. It seems a superficial thing, but according to it you can have a good idea of how the wedding: classic or modern, whimsical or formal.

If you understand for example that the couple have spent a fortune on invitations, clothing will require more attention than a simple invitation, colorful or economic.

The season then that other rules: 
-In The spring and summer is required fewer formalities compared to autumn and winter. Obviously the choice of coat, waistcoat etc. influence this parameter.

Now that you know the general rules, the rest should be the easiest thing.

-In The spring and summer days, then within five in the afternoon, as mentioned above, if the groom wearing tight, you should also wear male relatives of the bridegroom and of the bride. But it is also allowed to dress less formally than in the evening, wearing a classic suit, also in linen, blue or gray, never clear (remember that you are still going at a solemn ceremony), with white shirt or pastel colors, never lit and rigor tie, that should not be eccentric, but classic good taste.

-Avoid Absolutely later the use of jeans or excessively sportswear. For the evening very well, also the clothes of the day that can be added those blacks from the classic shape, perhaps with some little Hollywood glamor accent, but reminiscent of the strict elegance and impeccable 50s.

3-Outdoor weddings: 
Marriages celebrated in the beach or pool, however, allow you to dress casually, without prejudice that does not mean jeans and T-shirt, but simply the possibility to leave the tie, leaving the open neck shirt and sports jacket.

In autumn and winter you can wear woolen clothes in dark colors, with the addition of the vest and coat. This season dresses are also allowed by the colors "earth", which best suit the cold seasons. The rules are the same as set out for the spring summer season, with the foresight, if you are wearing gloves and hat, to remove them during the service, whether religious or civil.

4- The shoes: 
The shoes, which will of course be appropriate to the season, will have to be of black opaque calf, not too glossy, with black socks or dark gray cotton or lisle provided strictly long, in the case where it is chosen to wear the tight; stylish loafers or lace-up shoes with socks, preferably dark, for a less formal attire.

The advantage of being a man who participates in the wedding as a guest, you will notice that in a few details of her look, because the focus will be "first and foremost" the bride and groom and then the other women.

So, you can safely relax and enjoy the party without thinking too much in the eyes fixed on whether, with the certainty that if they follow these few rules: no and no one will have to say about personal choice.


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