Groom: the other great star

Groom: the other great star

Groom: the other great star

Very often we talk quado wedding you can not help but think of the bride, how will her dress, as the hair will bring, who knows who will choose flowers for the preparations ... and the groom? He also deserves due attention and not be considered as a small appearance, if only for the patience that has been shown to have in all these months of preparation, in which there was next to no flinching!

premarital stress

As well as it happens to you dear brides, even to your future husband happen to moments of stress and tension related to the much-awaited wedding preparations. Usually the groom is relegated the paper work of the whole thing so much more complex and, perhaps, even more boring. Moreover be beside you at this time as sensitive as choosing the right candy or flowers is not so easy ... so the maximum understanding if sometimes he will have small crisis!

Clothes and accessories

Even the groom will be the main protagonist together with you on your big day, so he must be perfect and flawless with her elegant dress, complete with all necessary accessories, tie, cuff links, belts, shoes, perfume etc. At this point we head directly to them: if you usually go shopping with your girlfriend, now is the chance to bring along another person who can give you the right advice and an objective judgment, perhaps your mother or sister. A female eye is always ideal in these situations.

Beauty Appointments

In addition, they will meet and exceed the needs of such treatment at a beauty salon, perhaps for solar showers if they wanted the most tanned skin for the wedding, for the haircut at the barber of trust and any other specific treatment of which can not do without.

Groom Agenda

As well as for the bride for the bride and groom will be needed to plan everything to perfection not to arrive last week without an important accessory or without an appointment at the beauty parlor, then the organization first. Our advice is to write down in a diary all the commitments dividing them according to the time factor, then:

  • From six to four months before, choose and buy the dress with all the accessories, in this way there will be a time to make changes in the event it is needed, and, importantly, the accessories will all be perfectly matched!
  • One or two months before, bisogner à make an appointment for the beauty center for some beauty treatments and hairdressing course. In the case of solar showers realize better a few weeks in advance, so as not to arrive at the wedding with red skin!

The attention to detail is very important to the groom, from the choice of apparel, shirt, tie, twins and even smell! How will the starring role as a husband in your case?


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