A special dream jacket

A special dream jacket

A special dream jacket

The Bryce Harper baseball player gives the fateful "yes" to the girlfriend Kayla Varner in a truly original way.

Last month at the Mormon temple in San Diego, Bryce has publicly declared her love through her outfits. The many photos of Kayla present on his jacket could only confirm this great love! In this dazzling ceremony the lucky Kayla married the man who all want!

After sharing a few gorgeous shots of the big day on social, Harper has literally made a fool of her fans by posting a video of the wedding on his Instagram page. Exciting look at his eyes full of love.
It will never be possible to let go of something so beautiful!

Harper in the video gives us a glimpse of his fantastic tuxedo style: a blue suit and the lining of the jacket consists of the engagement photos.

"Since everyone is asking the Interior of my jacket, here it is!" Harper wrote in a caption of a photo of Instagram. His future wife could not have wished for a more beautiful declaration of love

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