20 small gift ideas for your best man for every budget

20 small gift ideas for your best man for every budget

20 small gift ideas for your best man for every budget

20 small gift ideas for your best man for every budget

You should give something to the witness for the big day. Whether a small or large matter little gift, there 'is no better way to thank him and tory part of your wedding day.

You would think that for the bride is easier to find a gift for their bridesmaids, as indeed there would be various fields on which to roam (from accessories for the dress, jewelry, a d a frame or even a bottle of champagne). 
For the groom, however, it can be more complicated. Of course with a tie, a pair of twins or a pair of socks you diverten is a safe bet, but there is much else to think about. 
For this reason we have collected 20 gift ideas for all budgets:

A classic sweatshirt 
A classic hooded sweatshirt is very popular, ideal for weekend evenings and for everyday use.

A tie for the event 
Choosing the tie for the big day is exciting and makes the bond with the groom even stronger.

The tie clip.

Among the many male accessories, the   tie clip   is definitely one of the most elegant.   Give it adds a touch of class to your outfit and could definitely come in handy for future weddings that will participate.

Funny stockings 
If both of you love football you give away socks with your favorite team (and maybe take pictures during the event).

One pole 
Do you have a golf team or g roup? It might be an idea to give a personalized polo lines to put together farewell party.


Small but relevant complement to men's clothing, i   cuff links, are the most valuable accomplice and socially acceptable among the jewels from man, together with the clock and tie pins, because at the same time functional and ornamental. W e have a wide choice of pairs of twins and tris (who make up the couple and the tie pin, another very visible accessory and required by the spouses).

If your witness is a lover of music you could share this passion with a pair of high quality headphones. You could buy two pairs, one for yourself and one for the witness so you can use them in pairs in the post party.

A whiskey set 
A gift that could be used indefinitely, which warm up the winter evenings and is an invitation to design and plan future evenings together.

A box of artisan beers 
Who could resist a pack of beer? Maybe in an elegant wooden box with bottle opener included?

A clock 
Even the watch is a must for the ch appreciates style in gifts. U innovative n'idea could be a sustainable clock built in wood, certainly if the person in question has a green thumb will appreciate this particular choice.

A poker set 
Poker is the classic ric hiamo the evenings spent together and a wish for the future to come.

A gun nerf 
Behind every adult a child is concealed. With q hese toy guns fun and laughs are guaranteed, you could even organize a mock pre-marital war.

A Portable BBQ 
This gift could cover various categories: professional chefs, those who love the kitchen, those who love barbecues, those who love traveling or camping. A gift that maybe could be accompanied by the phrase: "Our friendship does not end with the wedding, but expect many opportunities to be together."

A Swiss knife 
It 's definitely the tool that every man should own, useful in any situation, especially if the recipient loves DIY and quick repairs. Maybe giving it with a wooden finish and engraved initials would make the gift more personal and appreciated.

A bag 
Indispensable in the era of paper, equally useful for that technology, the 24h bag is the male accessory that has always been the man's work. If your witness is a businessman will appreciate this very much present.

Of musical cases 
P otrebbe be appreciated a design element and listening to always have on their desk, perhaps, following the ecosostenibiltà, bamboo or some wood.

A beer brewing set 
If your friend is a lover of DIY and beer can be a perfect gift to have a kit which enables it to be produced in ca knows his favorite drink and maybe share it with you.


As well as giving a really nice fragrance to the face, many aftershave cleanse and moisturize the skin. Your friend will definitely not give up for a moment of relaxation after shaving.

Sun glasses 
Do you have an outdoor wedding? Seeing your witnesses squeezing your eyes continually will not be a beautiful image and surely in the clicks you will notice this problem. For this a style object as your eyes from the sun wings can be both useful and elegant.


The belts Men are much more than a simple accessory is the detail that completes the pants. 
L a leather belt   an accessory which rarely manages to do without, perfect for both young and the not so young. If you are looking for an original object that is not only beautiful to look at, but also stylish, useful and durable, you should just opt for a leather belt.

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