10 tips to be an elegant man

10 tips to be an elegant man

10 tips to be an elegant man

10 tips to be an elegant man

"If you do something, you do it with style." But not everyone is born with the ability to do something perfectly. Elegance is not showy. There is an accumulation of tinsel and exhibitionism. It is style, awareness, measure.

A balanced mixture of instinctive good taste and precise choices, care of the substance and meticulous attention to every detail. Let's find out ten little tips to improve your style:

1. The dimension ion count 
Wearing only clothes of your size. Most men, even in the big city of fashion, seems to wear clothes two sizes too big. When you have no clothes that fit your body type, called a seamstress. The result r ipagherà certainly the cost of labor.

2. Simplicity is the watchword 
Your wardrobe should you do to look their best while avoiding being over the top. Do not suddenly become a super "fashion victims." I tend to exaggeration, to the desire to "make an impression" at all costs. The change must be gradual and natural.

3. Precise rules for a defined look 
If you're wearing a polo shirt you tuck jeans and casual pants, not the pants of a suit. So like a shirt should be worn with the egante and blue jeans. So that l 'outfits functions, it is not only important to the choice of clothing, but also the style of shoe that you choose. Jeans discolored, and / or wide leg are not suitable to be worn with elegant shoes.

4. Recalculate the concept of casual 
You can be stylish without wearing a tuxedo, as it can also be informal does not necessarily wearing a je ans.

5. Do not underestimate the 'importance of detail 
The devil is in the details! We must pay particular attention to those little things that people will notice first, as the belt, tie, scarf or clutch.

6. Try not to shop alone 
It 'very easy to be Fascinated inated from one end and exceed the established budget, maybe coming out of the store with something that did not ever wear. The best advice for a man who wants to revolutionize her look is to bring along a friend so you can also listen other points of view.

7. Running some risk 
Gamble slightly can bring benefits to your outfit because people will notice the details. This will help you find your perfect style.

8. Buy a good pair of shoes 
If c 'is something that women are immediately noticeable are the shoes. The saying goes that you can measure the power of a man by his shoes. It 'important to choose the best to avoid buying plastic shoes.

9. Avoid t-shirt with giant logos 
Not a poster advertising rio with their feet. With the right dose of sobriety, and a touch of elegance, you can actually make you more enjoyable. Sobriety is not renunciation, but the ability to choose what you need and what instead is unnecessary and unpleasant.

10. Undergarments never exposed
An intimate mesh can never replace a t-shirt. Do not run the risk of being vulgar and inelegant. Your underwear should never emerge from any piece of clothing. C 'is more charm in the simplicity in which a blatant performance.

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